Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Chronic Daydreamer

I am a chronic daydreamer. Always have been, and, always will be. The little girl ballsy enough to sit in the front row of the classroom and still gaze out the window...that was me. The restless teenager always rushing everywhere but still stalling when the light turned green because my mind was elsewhere...that was me.
I assumed as I got older and life either got more interesting or challenging, I would have much less time for drifting thoughts, but, I still do...everyday. Those necessary but brief moments where my mind can not only escape, but, dream, has become, well, blissful to me.
I daydream about the same house over and over again with the cozy fireplace and the welcoming front porch on the tree lined street that I hope to be able to find while my kids are still young.
I ponder about my relationships and friendships...why some of them are so significant and others are much more complicated than they should be.
I often reflect about good memories from days gone by....the ones that instantly warm your heart and make you smile. 
Sometimes I pay homage to some loved ones that I will never forget and think about what I hope I said to them enough when I had the chance.
I can be standing in the Louvre or gazing at the mountains or simply listening to the leaves rustle in the camphor tree doesn't really matter as long as I get those sweet minutes to myself. Then, I usually unnoticed slip back in to my life a little less annoyed and a little more renewed for the everyday hustle and bustle of my chaotic, yet, meaningful life. So, what I seemed to think was a simple distraction has become a characteristic that I not only admit but embrace...the chronic daydreamer....that's me! I wonder where will my mind will take me today?

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