Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change is Gonna Come...God, I hope so!

Change is gonna come..... God, I hope So!

It is, finally, August! A month I have been waiting for all summer long!
This summer, my husband and I celebrated another anniversary. In good times and in bad, as the vows go, and, although, it went by without much hoopla, we are still together and that's what truly matters.
Our youngest son turned 4 years old and has quickly learned to ride his bike without training wheels. It took a whole 10 minutes to teach him! Yes, I am bragging about my very coordinated and awesome child! He never ceases to amaze me! He definitely does not get his impressive level of athleticism from me!
My oldest son's summer has been all about his teeth. He finally lost his first tooth after weeks and weeks of wiggling it with much anticipation. The tooth fairy paid its first visit to our house one late summer night and another milestone has been added to his list.
More memories, more days gone by, it always make me question where have all the years gone?
7 years and 20 lbs ago, I can still feel the combination of excitement and anxiousness I felt as I slipped on my beautiful wedding dress to begin this chapter of my life. It was that day, the only day, I have ever allowed myself to let my guard down and be a self indulgent princess. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed, but, do not desire that much indulgence in my everyday life, I quickly began a yearning to feel some sort of excitement and anticipation for something again.....
Then, the babies came along....two incredible boys, two years apart. The midnight feedings, teething, crawling, walking, the exciting and tiring life of parenthood. When one accomplished one thing, the other was not far behind. Oh, how my boys have kept me both entertained and busy over the years.....
These days, however, I have spent more time chasing my tail than my dreams. So, I have come to the conclusion that it may take change to renew my family and remind us of why we do it all in the first place.
That is the point where we are at now as August has swooped in like a breath of fresh air and put an end to a very long, hot and monotonous summer.
My youngest is following in his older brother's footsteps and starting his turn at preschool, and, so, his scholastic journey is about to begin. His adorable Diego backpack is purchased, his new sneakers have no idea the workout they are about to endure and the pleasure of watching him smile as he tells his brother he is a "big boy now just like him" makes my heart soar.
My frustrated husband is taking the proverbial 'leap of faith' at work as he has decided to make his life a little more complicated in an effort to move us out of our financial rut. He is returning to school to crossover into another line in his department. His pay will be temporarily cut while he finishes his training, but, his new position will allow him to access more opportunities, which will, hopefully, in a short amount of time, compensate us financially. I respect him for shaking things up and taking risks in the hopes of getting ahead. How many times in our own lives do we suppress our dreams or opportunities in fear of failure?
As for me, I am waddling (literally) straight into my third and final trimester. I admit it, it has been a long, hot summer and it has been physically challenging trying to entertain my very busy and rambunctious boys. I am, unselfishly, looking forward to some much need 'me' time when the boys are in school. I know it will be short lived, as the baby is due in less than three months, but, I will take it and love every minute of it, no matter how long it lasts.
So, change is gonna come and our lives are going in a different direction once again. This excitement and anticipation I am feeling for my family is just what this worn out and worn down lady needed.