Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac: Never Forget

8/27/2012: Never Forget

This was the storm that never was.....

Yes, I live in Florida and part of living in Florida is accepting that we are in a hurricane prone zone. However, I still manage to get caught up in the hype when they pop up on the radar.
The news stations overload you with the impending doom: buy batteries, fill up jugs with water, find your flashlights, stockpile canned food, keep your pets, your children and yourself in doors!!!! The storm like no other storm we have ever had before is COMING!!! Take cover and good luck.....
This happens EVERY TIME one of those nasty storms hit the Gulf of Mexico whether it is a tropical depression or a full fledged hurricane, the message is ALWAYS the same. So, the stores are packed, then the roads are empty.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh is that wind? Yep, there is some wind! Then, the rain. Then...nothing in Isaac's case. All the hype and none of the glory for poor Isaac. So, in his honor, I give you this photo and give him a little glory for what he did (or did not do) to the State of Florida.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Day Full of Random Thoughts

Why did I have to see a snake today??? I do realize that I have to share the Earth with them but I am not willing to share my own personal space too. So, that snake that uninvitedly slithered past me in the driveway today, PLEASE don't ever do that again!
I never realized how much my boss looks and acts like Judge Judy. I don't mean it as a compliment or an insult, just simply stating a "huh" moment I had when I realized the similarity.
Sunnyvale, California? Do you like reading my blog? Either way, I see you visit me often and thank you for your time here.
Ah, 22 month olds! How can something cute be so tiring? Please learn to take a nap so I can garden again, maybe actually finish a cup of tea while it is still hot or even remotely warm, and some actual me time for personal about a long bath versus not even being able to remember if I brushed my teeth today, now we are talking! Please consider this and let me know as soon as you can talk.
And FINALLY....a new motto for myself as I am entertaining the notion of going to where I have not gone before: I would rather live a life full of "oh wells" than "what ifs."
Hopefully this final random thought won't be just a random thought!
Goodnight blogosphere.