Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Judgement Day

Judgement Day is here....It's time to elect our next president. Will it be the business man or the politician? Will  Donald make America great again or will Hillary make history by being our first woman president? To be frank, I don't care. I stopped caring when it was narrowed down to Donald and Hillary and their civil war began.
I mean, let's be honest. One is corrupt and one has no filter. Are we really winning on either side, people? Is it worth all the hatred and arguing? We should have been joining forces to support better candidates than drawing lines and giving these two the momentum to move forward.
Instead, here we are, and, I don't know about you, but, I am completely and utterly exhausted from the months of negative ads, personal attacks, media slander,  public outrage and overall nastiness this race has spawned that I keep asking myself what has happened to this country? With our heads filled with one scandal and accusation after another, we are supposed to feel good about putting one of these choices into office? This is the best we can do?
The pride and joy I have felt in exercising my right to vote and playing  my part in selecting our next president is non existent in me today and it saddens me.
I believe in our country and I have always respected the President regardless if they had my vote or not but I cannot manage to feel that way this time. At least, not right now.
With that said, there will be a winner (without us really winning) and hopefully, we can work on closing the great divide this election has caused.

11/11/2016 Follow up: Trump may have not won the popular vote but he did claim enough electoral votes to win the election on Tuesday. The results of the election have flooded social media with the same nasty fuel that ignited the months upon months of ugliness we had to endure to even get to this day and,now, it continues with the same, if not, more fury.
I am more disappointed than surprised by the explosion of anger and outrage in the form of posts, protests, and riots that still continue even days after the announcement. Some chalk it up to spoiled and sore losers while the others cry that their anger and disbelief has turned into genuine fear and anxiety over what the next four years may hold for America.
Well, here's the thing, and you may agree or disagree with me, and I truly respect your opinions either way, but, once a person is elected to be our next President, he becomes a President to all of us, and by not supporting his position or not encouraging his success, you are failing our country and your place in it. It is easy to blame republicans, Americans, our election process or even Trump himself if that is where you choose to direct your anger. However, we live in a democracy where we should respect our privilege to vote and not cast judgement, blame, and certainly never violence on how our citizens choose to exercise their rights. In every disagreement, BOTH sides are never completely wrong or right and there should always be room for compromise in the end.
Secondly, something I learned in business that I choose to practice as well in life: When you do not succeed in what you set out to do, don't blame others. It is easier but less productive to cast blame than to face the real reasons that led up to your failure. So, instead of saying I lost, I try to ask myself why didn't I succeed which is my advice to our disgruntled Americans. Why didn't Hillary really win and what issues led to her demise?
There were several paths to Mr. Trump getting elected whether it is chosen to be admitted or not. Yes, there are Trump supporters and Republicans that will not cross lines to vote outside of their party, BUT, there were a lot of voters, whether they be Democrat, Independent, Republican, or undecided that really struggled with their choice and in the end, had to choose one or to not vote at all. Democrats did not come out in record numbers to support their candidate, traditionally blue states were able to be turned red, and, yet, there has been no backlash towards Democrats or any responsibility taken by them. Having a candidate that is being investigated by the F.B.I. while running for President never honestly concerned you? Well, what concerned me was hearing people admit she might be corrupt but aren't they all in Washington? Really, so, let's elect her anyway?
With that said, I am by no means, a fan of Mr. Trump and the undeniable and horrible comments he has made during his campaign, but I think appeal of getting someone that is not a corrupt politician and who prides himself on not being able to be bought was seriously influenced in people's decisions.
We were given poor choices, both had their flaws, and in the end, Hillary Clinton's campaign failed to convince the majority of her trustworthiness and Donald Trump's campaign and eventual success sheds light on a downplayed movement that truly wants change in our government. He will have his time and he will be given his chance, so, let's see what happens, but let's please start closing this unnecessary division and putting our country first instead of our opinions.