Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hello August

Dollar movies in the nice cold air conditioning, refreshing dips in the community pool, bug bites on our ankles, our skin covered in sunblock and drenched with sweat, slip n slide races, fireworks lighting up the sky, Italian Ice always in the freezer, frequent sleepovers, roller coaster fun, seashell searching, beautiful sunflowers, frozen yogurt in waffle cones, story time, banyan trees, art projects, birthday celebrations, Lego's everywhere, the tooth fairy making her appearance, and, lots and lots of football is how I would describe the summer of 2013. Ah, good bye June. Good bye July. Hello August....
The beginning of August always seems to throw me back into school mode. Yesterday, I asked, then, made the boys try on their school uniforms from last year and it never ceases to amaze me how they grow up and out of garments that just fit them a couple of months ago. So, the hand me downs are handed out, the school shopping begins and the long carefree days become more structured as I must ease them back into bed times and routines. I admit it, I am over worked, over tired and overwhelmed by this time of year and as much as I loved everything we did this summer, I too, need some structure back and I am starting to count the days until the first day of school (16 to be exact!) I know, I know, then it's early mornings, homework, volunteering, soccer practice, soccer games, and a whole different set of chaos but I can squeeze in a little more time to myself to get the house back in order, plan another garden, start blogging again and just be me.
So, hello August. I know you mark the end of summer vacation but that's okay. I am ready for a change even if the kids aren't  ; )