Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Just when you think life is starting to feel normal again, another curve ball has been thrown at us. My husband and oldest child were in an accident that, potentially, could have killed both of them. Yes, COULD but didn't!!! God spared us, this time, of any unbearable loss and we are, thankfully, in the healing stages of this accident.
It has been three months now since the accident occurred. In some ways, it has happened so fast. However, in other ways, I feel like we have been trapped in this forever. The ongoing doctor appointments, the roller coaster of emotions, the physical damage, the financial stress.....There has been only one shining thing that has emerged and remained true throughout this entire nightmare and that has been the incredible amount of community support we have received.
They always say you learn who your true friends are when things happen, and, I could not have foreseen how many people would reach out to us when we needed it most. Family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and most of all, strangers, who have felt compelled to support us has been both overwhelming and humbling to me. It has been hard to feel so vulnerable but the comfort I have been given has held me up in my darkest moments and I will never forget our rally of support for as long as I live.
I may not have really understood what the word community meant, but, I certainly do now. For all of those familiar and unfamiliar arms that have been gently and lovingly placed around my family, please know how warm, comforting, and supportive they have felt.

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