Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So Welcome 2013!

It's over. It's finally over. Another holiday season full of anticipation and joy, the mad rush and the sit back and watch the magic happen, the hauling out and packing away all the feel good mood enhancing decorations, the overindulgent and "oh I ate way too much" feeling!
The angels sang, the sleigh landed, the big jolly gift giver visited, we reminded ourselves of the true meaning and adored the baby Jesus, the treasured photos were taken, the precious memories were made, and the unavoidable new year was welcomed with hopes and kisses.

As much as I enjoy the holidays, I am still amazed every year by how much it throws me off and wears me out! The house gets cluttered, the dishes never end, the kids are overwhelmed and off their necessary schedules. By the end of January, I really welcome this time of year when enough weeks have passed that the comforting feeling of sweet normalcy begins again.
So welcome 2013! What do you have in store for me??? Last year had its ups and downs like most years. We had a very tough kid who never gets hurt succumb to stitches and a "Damn it! Why do I still live in Florida!" reminder in the form of skin cancer, a pay increase (YAY!) and a fiscal cliff deadline disaster (BOO!) that took it all away, a job find and loss and another feeling of re-discovery, a connection to the past by rekindling a never expected to see you again relationship and a feel good vacation to trace the steps of my ancestors that I would not be here without. Another year that tested my boundaries and tugged at my heart.
I am not the kind of person who needs or even believes in resolutions. I think life is a constant work in progress and you have to seize the moments as they happen. It is not practical or even healthy to set unrealistic goals that obviously can't be done over night and I feel like this rushing society we live in does not have the patience or discipline it takes anymore to accomplish the kind of monumental resolutions that I have heard about.
My hopes every new year are simple and my outlook is always the same.....On January 1st, I like to remind myself of a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson and I have found that by continually following his advice, it makes it much easier for me to live a good life:  "Be silly, be honest, and be kind."  These meaningful qualities always work well as a good foundation for me to apply in every aspect of my life.
So, maybe consider an alternative to a resolution this year. Tap into the core of who you are and what works for you and try utilizing it more in your life. You may be pleasantly surprised by how good it feels to be you. The real you.  As for me, I will do my best to continue to be silly, honest and kind as often as possible in 2013. The real me that I like to be.

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