Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Low Can You Go???

How low can you go? How low can you go?................
Oh, the challenges of life, and, just when you think it can't get any harder, yep, that bar drops one more notch again! Then, your mind starts chanting, "how low can you go?" It starts softly but gets louder and louder. So, you bend a little more, pray that your legs won't fail you now, throw that head all the way back until it barely misses the floor, and, hold on, wait a minute, I'm almost there....WHEW! I made it! (until my next turn!)
Being laid off and looking for a replacement job that doesn't exist in my field while trying to figure out how we are going to keep up with the bills, provide for our children and not lose our minds, has been our ongoing game of limbo for two years now. Yes, I have made it through every round, SO FAR, but, I have to admit that the short lived euphoria of figuring things out, temporarily, until the next time, does not come without a lot of inevitable worry.
I have ducked the bar of losing my house, having my unemployment run out, and, oh yeah, my favorite and frequent bar of keeping my sanity through these very difficult times.
How? Well, to put it simply, I have convinced myself not to give up because of my kids. Children and the list of responsibilities that come with them have inspired me with the will to make it through this rough patch my family seems to be stuck in. So, I look at their little faces and tell myself I will not give up.
With that said, I am READY....ready for the bar to drop AGAIN.......ready to bend over backwards even though I might fall on the ground THIS time.....ready to take my turn NO MATTER what the outcome. Yes, I will keep playing the game of limbo! Then, hopefully, one of these days, that short lived moment of euphoria I mentioned will finally turn into a permanent and profitable solution I have been praying for.
Yep, that's my life. The same life that 5.5 million other unemployed Americans are living right now. Are you one of them?

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